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For anyone who is interested in how yoga can support children with ASD and Special Needs this book really is inspiring!

It gives a clear breakdown of how children respond to stimuli and focuses on Sensory Processing and how to calm children’s stress responses.

It’s practical and could be used by parents at home easily. The description looks interesting. Have highlighted two key points in description.

For use in school, at home, or in therapeutic settings, Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs is a how-to manual providing a yoga therapy “lesson plan” that will engage children; promote play, social interaction, speech, language, and motor development; and enhance their self-esteem.

It teaches an array of CreativeRelaxation techniques using posture, breathing and mindfulness designed specifically for children with autism and special needs. Drawing on her thirty years of yoga therapy experience with children and those who work with them, the author walks readers through yoga strategies that both calm and energise, emphasising sensory and bodily awareness and the “sacred space” that is so important for these children.

Learn the best ways to use your voice and body effectively when working with children; how to minimise distractions and ease transitions; and how to create personalised yoga breaks to enhance independence and avert meltdowns.

Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs